Human Rights and International Law Programme

International law offers a wealth of rules governing the protection of cultural heritage in both times of war and peace. RASHID International has published an overview of applicable international law.

And yet, laws are ideals and aspirations that must be filled with life and enforced to become reality. To ensure this comes to pass, RASHID International created the ‘Human Rights and International Law Programme’ which endeavours to take the lofty aspirations of international law and turn them into effective action on the ground. The Programme carries out the following activities:

  • Advocating for international action at the United Nations Human Rights Council, the United Nations General Assembly and other United Nations bodies and agencies,
  • Advocating for the ratification of international treaties protecting cultural heritage,
  • Working with State governments, militaries and legislatures, United Nations agencies and civil society to ensure the implementation of international cultural heritage law,
  • Advancing the state of international and national cultural heritage law,
  • Cooperating with international and national police agencies, prosecutors and courts to assist in the prosecution of individuals who have committed war crimes and other crimes concerning cultural heritage,
  • Educational activities and the creation of resources aimed at promoting knowledge and respect for international and national cultural heritage law.


For more information, please contact:

Seán Fobbe

Chief Legal Officer