Job Opening: Researcher (Archaeology)

The University of Reading, Department of Archaeology, is seeking a person to fill the post of Researcher, to assist Professor Roger Matthews with research and advanced administrative duties relating to his role as President of RASHID International (Research, Assessment, Safeguarding the Heritage of Iraq in Danger).


The main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Conducting targeted research into the cultural heritage and archaeology of Iraq
  • Developing research grant proposals for RASHID International projects
  • Co-authoring reports and research articles on the heritage and archaeology of Iraq
  • Participating in relevant workshops and conferences, national and international
  • Liaising with partner organisations and individuals engaged in related activities
  • Assisting with RASHID International outreach, including overseeing dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Maintaining files and records for an impact case-study related to RASHID International work for Archaeology’s submission to REF2021
  • Assisting with administrative duties including organisation of meetings and workshops, minute-taking, and arranging flights and accommodation through University channels
  • Assisting with membership and fund-raising activities of RASHID International


You will have:

  • Strong skills in research including grant writing and co-authoring articles
  • Doctoral degree
  • Post-doctoral level research on the cultural heritage of Iraq
  • Strong organisational experience and abilities
  • Ability to work to short deadlines
  • Capability with Facebook and Twitter
  • Good IT skills in Word, Excel
  • Flexibility regarding time and place of work
  • Willingness to travel for conferences and workshops


Click here for full details of the opening and information on how to apply

Council of Europe adopts 2017 Convention on Offences Relating to Cultural Property

In May 2017 the Council of Europe adopted the brand-new ‘Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property’ in order to counter ongoing worldwide threats to cultural heritage by requiring States to criminalize theft, unlawful excavation, illegal importation/exportation and the knowing sale or acquisition of illicitly sourced cultural property, as well as destruction of or damage to any cultural property. Already signed by Cyprus, Greece, Armenia, Portugal, San Marino and Mexico.

Read the full text of the Convention here

RASHID is now on Facebook

RASHID International is now on Facebook! Visit our Facebook page and Like or Follow us to receive the latest news on RASHID activities and cultural heritage in Iraq delivered right into your Facebook Newsfeed. We share articles, updates and insight on recent or major developments in cultural heritage protection, analysis on international and national cultural heritage laws, photos of Iraqi heritage, relevant events and much, much more.

RASHID International Facebook Page

Upcoming Workshop: ‘Heritage in Conflict: the situation in Iraq and Syria’ – Marburg, Germany (24-28 July 2017, precise date to be decided)

Workshop announcement: ‘Heritage in Conflict: the situation in Iraq and Syria’

The SHIRIN (Syria) and RASHID (Iraq) organisations are planning a workshop to provide updates and critical reviews of the heritage situation in Iraq and Syria. As we all know, both these countries have suffered terribly from afflictions to their rich cultural heritage in recent years. In this workshop we invite papers that address relevant issues, including accounts of projects headed by local heritage authorities, scientific organisations and NGOs. For security reasons, many of these projects take place outside Iraq and Syria but we also wish to hear about projects taking place inside Iraq and Syria and perhaps in adjacent countries too. We also welcome proposals for papers that outline new projects, local, national and international, that may help to address heritage concerns and challenges in the months and years ahead, in particular as both Iraq and Syria strive for a future beyond DAESH.

The workshop will take place at the 63rd Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale in Marburg, Germany, on one day between 24-28 July 2017 (precise day to be fixed).

Please send paper proposals to